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Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Rental Assistance

Program Director: Karen Seager- (815) 338-7752 X122

  Please note: The Section 8 waiting list is currently closed

Applicants and clients can now view the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program briefing and Project Based Voucher (PBV) program briefing on YouTube.  The links to view the briefings are:

HCV Program Briefing

PBV Program Briefing

Background check form

waiting list lookup-click here 
By clicking the above link, you can check your status on all of our waiting lists EXCEPT GreenTrees of Huntley and SilverTrees of Richmond.   
 All applicants must keep a current address on file.  MCHA will occassionally mail documents or letters to a family that require their response in order to remain on the waiting list.  If you fail to respond to a MCHA mailing, you will be removed from the waiting list.  By using our Edit Contact Information tool, families will be able to update their contact information for all waiting lists other than GreenTrees and SilverTrees.  After entering your full name and social security number, you will be able to edit your email, phone number, and address.  Any other changes, such as a name change or adding/removing family members from your pre-application, must still be done in writing by completing a Change of Information form.

The McHenry County Housing Authority has a contract with the Department of Housing and Urban Development which enables 992 elderly and limited income families and individuals to receive rental assistance.


All units are inspected by Housing Authority staff to assure that they are decent, safe and sanitary and meet federal housing quality standards. The Housing Authority enters into a one year contract with the landlord stating that the Housing Authority will make rental assistance payments on behalf of the tenant family, and that the landlord will maintain the rental unit.


Households must meet income guidelines set by the federal government. All income is included (wages, social security, public aid, interest on savings) and is verified in writing. Tenants pay a percentage of total household income toward rent, including utilities. The Housing Authority pays the remainder of the rent directly to the landlord.


 Information for prospective Section 8 Landlords:

Thank you for your interest in being a landlord with the Section 8 Program. Please read the landlord information carefully, (links are located at the right of this page) it covers important rules and regulations of the Section 8 Program. Please contact the Section 8 Coordinator, Karen Seager, at 815/338-7752 X122 with your questions.