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Section 8 Waiting List Lottery

The McHenry County Housing Authority has concluded our lottery process for applicants applying for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) assistance.  All applicants that were included in the final lottery selection have been added to the regular Section 8 waiting list.  You can now use the waiting list look-up tool to find your final position on the Section 8 waiting list.

All applicants must keep a current address on file.  MCHA will occassionally mail documents or letters to a family that require their response in order to remain on the waiting list.  If you fail to respond to a MCHA mailing, you will be removed from the waiting list.  Families are now able to edit their contact information online by using our Edit Contact Information tool.  After entering your full name and social security number, you will be able to edit your email, phone number, and address.  Any other changes, such as a name change or adding/removing family members from your pre-application, must still be done in writing by completing a Change of Information form.



  • All applicants that were selected in the lottery were transferred to the regular Section 8 Waiting List with a status of "Out of County".  Over time, the McHenry County Housing Authority will update applicants' status to "Pending" for those applicants that have addresses located in McHenry County.  If your address is located outside of McHenry County, your status will remain "Out of County"
  • Your new Position number is your final position number on the Section 8 Waiting List.  Applicants selected and included in the lottery process were randomized, so as not to give advantage to those who applied early. 
  • All applicants will have an application date of 3/15/2018, as this is the date MCHA ran the lottery.
  • MCHA will mail out postcards to applicants included in the final lottery selection.  You should be receving your postcard during the next couple of weeks.  If you do not receive a postcard, please check our waiting list look-up tool.  If you are listed on the Section 8 Waiting List with a status of "Pending" or "Out of County", then you have been included on the list.  The postcard is a courtesy, so if you do not receive a postcard or you lose your postcard, you will not need another to "prove" you have been included on the list.
  • The McHenry County Housing Authority has a preference for individuals or families who are living or working in McHenry County.  When your name reaches the top of the Section 8 Waiting List, you must be able to prove that you meet our residency preferences in order to be assisted.  Please click here to learn more about our residency preferences.


.  Additionally, you can use the waiting list look-up tool to monitor your status:  WAITING LIST LOOK-UP TOOL - CLICK HERE


   Please read these FAQ for additional information about the lottery process